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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  December 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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high definition. >> coaches are happy, the players are happy. now with pricey tickets and a delayed performance see how fans taking the first night of the season. a child dropped from a second floor window. why police say it's not clear what will happen to the woman responsible. >> he gave the greatest gift ever. he gave himself. >> shot and killed on an oakland street. today is he honored fort life he lived and the lives he saved. and gang. a christmas gift for the fans. tonight the warriors kicked off their season. it's the nba's turn to show fans the game is more than just about money. the battle over profits caused a deplay lay of the opener. more on the big return. >> reporter: two hours before the season's first tipoff the first complaint.
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>> 175 for one ticket? we don't even know how they will be. >> forget about this seat. only $33 but it's in the nose bleed section. family of four, that's about 130, buy food and a beer or two, are you talking $200 a game. >> they -- >> reporter: alice and ryan smith dropped $11 for that food. they have differing views of the lock out. in . there was of course no mention of the labor trouble as fans came to seat new look warriors with the new coach mark jackson. after a couple of bad season, hopes are high for warrior fans. >> i think they will be great. they are like -- they were okay last year but they will be better this year. >> we are still -- 25 more crowns, he is off to a good
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start. he is the man. >> reporter: the warriors and cliffers were shown to a national audience, part of the big season opener. hopefully it won't be the last time. it depends on how they play. hundreds of vendors that work here didn't want to bad mouth the team onto record but off they said they were hurt quite a bit. in oakland. like sugar man. >> this is a christmas miracle. a 22-month-old boy recovering tonight after police say his mentally ill mother threw him out a second story window and then also jumped. it happened this morning on the 3500 block of alvin wait a minute the mercury news said the 24-year-old's family called the police after she locked herself in a room with the baby. by the time they arrived she had thrown the child and was jumping herself. the child was a little banged up and crying but otherwise
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okay. the mother had a few broken bone, neighbors were shocked. >> this is a -- relatively quiet neighborhood. you know couple blocks from santana road. nice neighborhood. last thing you do is expect to wake up on christmas morning and see 13 cops in the area. it was unfortunate. >> reporter: both the mother and child are recovering in a hospital. investigators say the mother could face child endangerment charges. . texas police say seven people were shot to death right after they opened their gifts and started cleaning up the wrapping paper. authorities say they found the bodies of four women and three men in the fort worth apartment after responding to an open 911 line. that's when 911 is dialed but nobody responds to the dispatcher. the people are between the ages of 18 and 60 and are believed to be related.
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it's thought one of the decease is the shoot effort. >> any day of the year is tragic and on christmas it's more tragic, they are supposed to come together and celebrate the holidays. so it's -- it's hard on the -- its part of our job. >> two guns were found near the bodies. there is no body on motive. its being called the worst christmas day ever in one city in connecticut. fire went through the stanford home of an advertising executive killing both parents and her three daughters. a 10-year-old and 7-year-old. police say the parent was visiting for the holidays. the executive and a friend escaped. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and a deadly day in afghanistan as a suicide bomb era tacked residents leaving a funeral. drew shows us american and nato troops took time to celebrate christmas. >> reporter: a suicide bomber killed at least 20 people and
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wounded 50 more at a funeral in afghanistan sunday. the bomb era tacked mourners as they left a service for a village elder. violence there was rare but there have been several attacks over the past year. this is the worst its been since they toppled the taliban in 2001. >> glory to god in the highest. >> reporter: participating in services like this one on the air base helps the pain of being away from loved ones. modern technology helps too. >> media lets us have a lot of connections back to families and it's -- i have been able to share last night and as this evening i will get to share with my family over the internet. >> reporter: troops in afghanistan also enjoyed a bit of christmas with the holiday
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feast. still it's not like being home. >> it's difficult being out here in afghanistan. especially being with all these people doing such an amazing job. >> reporter: one part of one day they tried to push the war aside. celebrations didn't and couldn't last long. christmas may be about peace and joy but there is little of that here. cbs news. >> another incident of senseless violence took the life of a young man in oakland. out of that tragedy came a priceless gift celebrated on this christmas day even as the family mourned. >> reporter: a upset mother ate memorial on christmas day. she lost her son on thursday. 23-year-old charles butler was shot and killed in oakland at 46th and west street as he drove home from the store. his car set on fire. police haven't released a
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motive but family say it was over something petty. >> that was my brother. that was my heart. he was just the best thing ever. >> reporter: at a memorial service today in richmond they played a video interview with him filmed as he was graduated from the maritime academy. >> reporter: it was the remainder of his smile and then another reminder from the pastor. >> and today even though charles is not with us, he is giving life to somebody this morning. >> reporter: butler was an organ donor. his kidney went to this man man in san francisco today. daniel murphy. we talked to his wife by phone. >> we are just really thankful, we -- lost a son ourselves in 1991 and i know the grief the family. i'm just very thankful. . >> reporter: and today the family also got word that
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butler's other organs were being put in other people today. his heart, lungs, pancreas and both kidneys. >> i thought it was going to be an -- a horrible time but it's turning out to be something really special. >> reporter: butler's sisters take strength from charles gift. >> we know him being a donor, a part of him is just running around everywhere and i would very much like, really soon to meet all of the receivers so i can see charles again. >> reporter: the murphies would love to meet them too many. >> gave the greatest gift ever, gave himself. and blessed somebody else and made somebody else christmas very happy and someone else's family just very happy. they have their loved one with them because of my brother. >> what would you tell your parents right now? >> that i love them --.
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>> reporter: in richmond. cbs5. >> san francisco police officers and firefighters played santa today. a christmas eve toy drive collected thousands of toys. officers and firefighters started early this morning, picking up toys to children who may not otherwise have any christmas gifts. they say it's a great way to connect with kids who may see them as intimidating. >> the reaction to see the joy in their face and it's a good positive interaction with them with the police and -- they see you us in a different way. >> reporter: there are more than 2,000 homeless children in san francisco. police and firefighters go to areas where they know the need is greatest. >> reporter: dinners for 5,000 served at a church today. hundreds of volunteers served turkey with gravy and all the
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trimmings. the church is the beacon of hope year round. >> it's say together world this is the way that we should be with each other. it's providing justice for people and giving people more hope, that's it. this is -- [inaudible] christmas celebration and a christmas together. it means we have hope, we bring hope to people. >> reporter: the church has served more than 75,000 meals over the past three months despite a slow down in donations. a church bombed at the start of christmas mass but the nigerian military say it could have been worse. the condor is bouncing back. the efforts and what still needs to be done. >> which have a few high clouds across this beautiful picture of the san francisco skyline. we have rain in our seven day forecast. when? , where? we will tell you coming up. ,,,
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they gathered for christmas ma ports, . extremists bombed a church in nigeria kills dozens as they
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gathered for christmas mass. it was one of a series ofa of attacks. >> reporter: the bombers struck just as people balloterred for -- gathered for christmas mass. families, children, at least 35 were killed in one blast alone. >> you can see so many families gone. gone. >> reporter: bodies and debris littered the area outside the church. emergency crews struggled to cope with the number of victims. it was the worst hit in a series of attacks. authorities reported at least 5 bombings including three churches and a government security building. it might have been even worse, military spokesman said police caught some with unexploded
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bombs. the al-qaeda linked group claimed responsibility for the bombings and local christian residents promised revenge. they killed 61 people in attacks last week. today's bombings will likely escalate the tension between muslims and christians in africa's most populated nation. cbs news. >> hackers apparently plan to give a lot of money to charity. it's not their money though. the group says it stole thousands of credit card numbers and other information from clients of the security think tank. one victim said $700 was taken from his account and give tone charities like the red cross. >> they are just costing us all time and money and ruining lives. my christmas or holiday -- my christmas spirit. not my family's, it's costing
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everybody involved. >> the hackers warned there could be more attacks this week. once an endangered species the condoor has made a remarkable come back. the condoor still faces dangers. the latest threat to the species and another hero rescue effort. >> reporter: of all the sights to see this is one of the rarest. a cal condor gliding through area. they once ruled the western skies. in the early 80s the number fell, after decades of poping and environmental dangers like pollution, habitat loss and lead poisoning. just 22 birds remained. people rushed to protect them. with breeding programs at zoos
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in los angeles and san diego to keep them wild, and to keep them from growing attached to humans, sciencists used puppets to raise them. by next year the population will soar past the 400 mark. >> we have saved the species. >> reporter: michael has devoted most of his career at the san diego zoo to protecting the condor, releasing more than 100 into the wild. he is proud of the bird's progress but --. >> the environment still has challenges. there are still pressure on the species. >> reporter: like these power lines stretching three miles up a rugged peak near the community of big sur. they bring power to an air traffic control radar system and cut through a condor flight path. the lines are hard to see in fog and have killed three
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condors. kelly tracks them at big sur. >> it's almost impossible to see until it's to late. >> reporter: so pacific gas and electric the company that owns the power lines took them down. the utility used helicopters to bring in underground piping and then buried the wires. the total cost, $4.2 million. according to the federal government it's one of the largest projects ever launched to protect an indangerred species. >> we can all agree to have our children see condors and their children's children in the wild it'll be a great thing. >> we are in this break. we want to get the population up as fast as possible. >> now there is one less hurdle in the way of their recovery. bill whitaker, cbs news los angeles. >> another spare the air day. no wood burning but there are changes coming in the forecast.
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>> it was a beautiful christmas day across the bay area. temperatures tonight are cooling but mostly in the 30s and 40s. bit mildler than we have seen. you will notice a few temperatures out there at or slightly below freezing. they are not going to be widespread. we won't be seeing any freeze warnings tonight. tomorrow we are warming it up mostly in the upper 50s. we will see a few low 60s. you will see a mix of sun and clouds, we had a few high clouds roll in to the picture today. looks like remaining dry for the next couple days and taking a look at the forecasted lows for over night. again mostly in the 30s and 40s. those are pretty seasonable. you will notice a few colder spots like 28 in fairfield the forecasted low. 30napa. 36 san rafael and 45 in san francisco. so, for northern california if you are doing some traveling these are the forecasted highs. partly cloudy, 50 in lake
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tahoe. 57 out in sacramento. a little closer to home around the bay area, mixed sun and clouds, mostly cloudy, remaining dry, 58 oakland. a few 60s out there like 61 in mountain view. taking a look over the next couple days, remaining dry. monday and tuesday but check out wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. we are keeping a chance of rain in the forecast, now this is not going to be a huge rain maker and it looks like the latest forecast puts the rain showers mostly in the north bay. north of the golden gate. temperatures meanwhile pretty seasonable. the rest of the bay area under mostly cloudy skies. >> you this. there is something diva long bay area streets. >> it's hard to describe. part moped, not a cheese burger, not a motorcycle. >> it's a custom creation built for the urban traveler. the newest toy from rebel bikes. and its been a long time coming for one baby.
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this child only comes once in a century.
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. it's not eye motorcycle or a moped it's a bike with an inge inthat can go 150 miles a gallon. we go to the streets where the makers of the hybrid say the demand is growing. >> reporter: jet around the bay area by bike can be tough. and bikes builder brian simmons is doing something about it. in his tiny shop he had a big
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idea. >> it's hard to describe. part moped. not a cheese burger or -- it's a motor eyed bike. that's what it is. >> reporter: brian and his buddies -- engineered a way to attach tiny engines to their custom frames. they call them rebel bikes and you can pedal or you can use the engine or both. he said the idea came from photographs of early motorcycles that like his were more bike than motor. >> i like it. it's way better than my car. i got my car over there and it uses a lot of gas. >> reporter: carlos wants one. >> you get 10 miles a gallon. it's nice looking, go around town and don't have take beat yourself up. >> reporter: power assisted bikes not without controversy. in china they are banned on some streets, due to higher accident rates with cars.
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brian thinks american roads are different and he demands people wear helmets. >> just be smart about and safe and have courtesy and everything should be all right. it's a struggle isn't it? >> reporter: the bikes cost 500 to a thousand dollars. more than 80 have been built. the demand keeps growing. brian has described the bikes as a beginning of the future. with a touch of the past. >> she is bound to be spoiled rotten. that one tiny bundle of joy means for one family's history. >> and at oracle for a big game as the warriors kick off the season against the clippers. we will have the highlights after this newscast. here is what else is coming up. you don't want to miss the best sports sound bites of 2011.
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that's all coming up for you on came day next.
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thank you for watching . that's it for us. hope you have a very merry christmas. we will see you next weekend. good night. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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